Soothing Oils

Dee-Lip-Cious Lip treatment

Our Dee-Lip-Cious moisturizing lip balm helps heal cold sores and relieves cracked peeling lips and lack of moisture. Protects from dehydration Matte application and shine free Perfectly portable for on the go... Learn More


Pain Relief

Pain Relief is a beautiful blend of essential oils that not only soothes the senses but aids in the relief of muscle pain, deep muscle Trauma and strains.  Direction: Apply to... Learn More


Raheem Skin Rash Relief

Raheem specializes in the relief of of cold sores, bug bites and skin rashes.  Restores and replenishes skin Infused with natural botanicals such as Eucalyptus and Olive Oil. Directions: Apply to affected... Learn More


Serendipity Skin Salve (Abrasions, Burns, Diaper rash)

Our soothing Serendipity Skin Salve is a highly nourishing regenerative anti-septic, anti-bacterial and  anti-fungal topical. Loaded with vitamin A, E, D, lecithin and proteins. Rapid healing of abrasion, burns and diaper rash... Learn More


Sultry Blu (body moisturizer)

   Our fresh, light and hydrating moisturizer will leave you wanting more. high absorption rate natural content of Vitamins A and E suitable for sensitive and mature skin Directions: Apply to... Learn More


Sweetheart's Soothing Body Balm

Our luxurious and timeless Sweetheart soothes and softens the body leaving the skin glowing and super moisturized. Provides healing for dry,cracked and eczema prone skin  Ingredients : Kokum, Rosehip(Rosa Canina),Coconut( Cocos... Learn More


The Unbump Hair Bump Relief

The Unbump is formulated with refreshing blends of herbs, essential oils and luxurious base oils made to relieve inflammation, itching and swelling due to hair bumps. Soothes and promotes healing of skin and minimize... Learn More