Blu Noir Facial Cleanser

Description: Our amazing facial cleanser acts as a very mild skin conditioner, leaving behind a moisturized feeling after rinsing with no feeling of tightness.     Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Copaiba Copaifera Officinalis, Cocamidopropyl... Learn More


Blu Velvet Body Cream

Description: Our super silky none greasy body cream will leave you feeling fantastic day or night no matter the occasion just the right amount of everything you have been looking... Learn More


Blu-Tea-Ful Tea Party

Enjoy a private Tea Party  experience with our very own CEO & Creator of Blu Jade Tincture,Tea, and Wellness Bar, Naadia Dean Indulge your senses with flavors of  Rose, Lavender,... Learn More


Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is considered the stone of "manifestation". It is a stone of the Throat Chakra which helps with public speaking and group communication.  It is used as a dream... Learn More


Blue Sage

Blue sage is know for it's ability to welcome in blessings and good health. Learn More


Blulady Word T-Shirt

Our Blulady switches it up with this multi-colored tee embedded with words of empowerment to describe the woman wearing it. Envision yourself with this stylish look and join the movement of positive women taking over... Learn More


Canadian Jade

Jade is useful in dream-solving, facilitates access to the spiritual world and ritualistic knowledge and supports creativity, all of which are encompassed in jade meaning. Jade is carved into talismans... Learn More